Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Improv Asylum

This past weekend, my boyfriend took me to a random basement under a CVS for an "improv comedy show." Things that came into my mind--Who's Line is it Anyway, cheesy jokes, but also potentially awesome jokes, and a cute effort by the boy to do something different. "Activities" aren't really his thing, but he made a whole night of this by taking me to Antico Forno in the North End before and gelato afterwards--both were amazing. The Improv itself? I was amazed. I don't consider myself a particularly funny person, so these guys were super impressive with what they could make up on the fly! And the other members of the audience were the other half of the fun--a bachelorette party, a group from the coast guard, and just some generally rowdy groups that might have been family reunions. They have shows all the time, and I highly recommend it for anything from a first date to a new activity for you and the best buds!

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