Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day Drinking

"That’s the joy of it: they know they’re getting one over, if just for today. Day drinking is subversive, and springtime — helpmate to idleness and leisure — has a way of making us want to play hooky." - Rosie Schapp, The New York Times
Day drinking comes in all shapes and sizes. The champagne brunch, the morning mimosa, the afternoon delight, the 5 o'clock somewhere, the TGIF pub crawl with co-workers, the poolside daiquiri...but these are all adult breeds of the activity. 

In college, well, that's a different story. Day drinking occurs at greatest force on public holidays and events where collegiates have figured out that the adult world is not going to penalize them--and will actually join in--on some mid-day boozing with them. That might sound judgmental, but I assure you it's merely observation because I LOVE day drinking. There's less hassle about picking out an outfit, zero obligation to wear heels, and usually there's some kind of beach time or grill time involved--all pluses. College day drinking is an event that people gear up for, making full day plans and buckling in. So here I've gathered a few choice varieties of this much-loved activity. 

#1. The Tailgate: the boy scouts of alcoholism. The portability and adaptability factor is key to any tailgate. It's the "i can set up anywhere and my party will still survive" attitude that makes the tailgate so great and such an enduring feature of the college lifestyle. 

#2. The National Holiday: proud to be. The holiday isn't so much the cause so much as enabling factor for this kind of event. Whether it's engendering sudden national pride, ethnic enthusiasm, or even a religious affiliation, it's the freedom from the usual obligations that let's people let go far before the sun goes down. 

#3. The All-Campus event: for bread and circuses. Whenever there is a college sponsored entertainment event--like a spring fling concert, school dance, just anything that might have the potential "lameness" of being a sanctioned form of fun, many collegiates will preemptively turn to a day drink (or keg stand) in both a rebellious and revelrous sign of class participation. 

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