Thursday, June 28, 2012


Since beginning our summer workout, I've been doing a lot of big olympic lifts...bench press, hang clean, push ups, chin name it--we do it. Anyway, in past experience this has caused me to put on a lot of muscle, and fast. The dramatic decrease in overall flexibility is, i'm sure, a contributor to a lot of the injuries our team builds up. So, i've decided to start doing yoga and i've found out it's actually not a bad idea for athletes to supplement their usual training with yoga. The deep stretching of yoga speeds up recovery in between those lifts by oxygenating muscles. The increase in flexibility also helps reduce tension on joints when you go back and try to use them in training. So far, i've found that it really works--i'm getting longer, leaner muscles out of my strength training, and I also find that my general body awareness has increased--I know better how to push myself and how to stay in touch with how I'm feeling. I've only been at it for a little over two weeks, but I'm going to try and stick it out at least for the rest of the summer!

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