Saturday, August 4, 2012

"The City"

With a roommate from NYC and a bunch of friends working there this summer, I figured post-21 me should make a trip and really see what The City (as locals tend to call it) has to offer. Highlights of the trip include a birthday party at The Gin Mill--a pub atmosphere-ed place uptown that rented out a private room and open bar--a visit to the MOMA for some fine art gazing, brunch at Whym and Route 66--low key places where the company really makes the meal, and a famous frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity 3!

I think one of the smartest decision was trading off the experience of walking up, down, and all over Times Square for trying smaller venues for meals and more cultural entertainment experiences. The MOMA was definitely a high point, and I'm not the kind of person gets offended when a strange, "i just don't get it..." painting makes its way into a museum--so it was perfect! I was also surprised how many exhibits they had featuring activist art--from engineering to the global housing/energy crisis to socio-political issues spanning the globe. Here are some snapshots of my favorite pieces. 

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