Monday, August 27, 2012


This is my view while crossing over the river that separates our college campus from the athletic campus--a bridge I cross almost daily as part of my daily work up for practice 

For fall athletes, such as myself, summer always ends early, and we embark on a very special time of year...preseason. Kicking it off with fitness testing, two-a-day practice schedules, pre-game meals, scrimmages, practices, and ice tubs to recover, preseason before everyone arrives on campus is something that only a portion of college athletes get to experience. While not always fun, it's a time before all the trials of classes and dorm life can interfere with your performance. The number one objective? Do work. Whether it's learning plays, conditioning, or just flat out putting it all into your sport for these two weeks of the year, it's nice to be able to drop absolutely everything else in your life for your team--and that's an opportunity that doesn't come around too often!

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