Friday, January 4, 2013

Capitol New Years

New Years Eve has not typically been a high-key kind of event for me. To recap by locale the last couple: '11--sofa with mom, '10--basement with a hand-full of friends, '09--basement, repeat. So, being a 21 year old, it was time to start doing an adult NYE, probably at home for the last time. The result? DC pub crawl through Adams Morgan. and awesomeness.

Here's the crawl:
9:00 Millie and Al's,
This place had a cool dive-bar feel to it, and it looked like we might have come a little too early to get its full potential. We stayed for a $1.50 jello shot that tasted pretty weak, and decided to move on.
9:30 Mellow Mushroom,
Definitely a favorite! With a restaurant downstairs and a loft-style up stairs, there was a good variety in the ambience. Combine that with a really friendly waitress, a great late-night menu, I'd definitely go again.
10:30 Roxanne
Worst stop we made. We got sucked in by a really charismatic bouncer but wouldn't make the choice again. Inside was entirely too dark and had a creepy smell that turned us off to imbibing anything almost immediately.
10:45 The Black Squirrel
Another real favorite. I'm putting this one on the top of my list for when an out of town friend wants to grab a drink. Again, having a separate restaurant and bar area was a plus, and it was packed with small groups of friends and people catching up in duos. A lot like the Mellow Mushroom, but perhaps slightly more upscale.
11:25 Bossa Bistro and Lounge
Another win, but maybe not a recommendation. The downstairs bar had really great live salsa so we decided to land there for a midnight champagne toast. Upstairs we found another fairly empty bar and a cool small (and totally empty) dance floor and DJ. Since I was out just with friends, the emptiness was a plus that allowed us to take full control of the dance floor--but any other night that might seem a bit of a bore. However, we got a really neat mix of people in the downstairs displaying excellent salsa skills (which is going on my list of things to learn)

On a night without covers, I'm definitely going back to try some of the heavy hitters we skipped over, like Madam's Organ ( a historic blues bar and Smoke & Barrel ( for when I'm looking for some really good whiskey.

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